I stole basically this whole thing from Will Rinkoff at I was using some other repurposed code as my website but this guy's has a better layout inside and out.
Anyway, basically all the credit goes to him. I know HTML/CSS, but I'd consider myself more conversational than fluent. As of this moment, I'm no web developer.
I've built whole sites from scratch before, as I've owned this domain since sometime in 2020. Those older versions of this site are now lost to time though unfortunately. I've wanted a site for as long as I can remember, but it was only until very recently that I figured out how to take all the necessary steps to make it happen.
my resume
my github page
there's not a whole lot of interest on there at the moment but it's good to keep track of.
my linkedin page
hello potential employers and colleagues welcome have a seat make yourselves comfortable
my soundcloud where i've been posting all my music projects for approaching two years now.
i'm making the switch to bandcamp just bc i don't like the ads on soundcloud and the way bandcamp sets you up to progress as an artist vs soundcloud is kind of a no-brainer.
my youtube where i post whatever.
Matrix is my preferred method of contact. Scan the QR code to start a chat with me, or just click the link.
my instagram.
my twitter.
i'm probably most active on here even though this platform is being run into the ground. please use mastodon guys.
my mastodon.
this platform is objectively better but i post less frequently on here because the community is less robust. i'm hoping this one beats out the competing twitter clones like threads and bluesky because it does all the same stuff and does a good job of keeping bad stuff out.