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"...We are just now like little children walking about in information." - Richard Brautigan, 1983

21 years old
Rogue River, Oregon
United States

Last login: 2023-08-02

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 Connor's Interests
Old technology, stationary, music & art history, vim <3, cob construction, skateboarding
romance, scifi, recently a few silent movies
stupid shit like south park usually
Trick Mirror - Jia Tolentino, Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt - Richard Brautigan, A Coney Island of the Mind - Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Richard Stallman, Wendy Carlos, Kitty, Lil B, dede/olallie

  Connor's Details
Front desk at a hotel D: going 2 school in fall
TBD :3

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Connor's Blurbs
About Me:

I'm a CS student and I also make electronic music under the name "zero image" for fun. Here's all my stuff I've made so far. It's all been in Ableton live but recently I've been messing with a live coding environment called ,TidalCycles which is based on Haskell and also takes advantage of the SuperCollider language, as well as a sound engine called SuperDirt

Why did you make a personal website?

I've been online basically as long as I've been alive. Since the whole thing is just a collection of websites and web services, it's like one big ball of whatever's on TV or the radio or in the newspaper and it's always going to change over the years and according to the collective tastes of the people who put out and interact with it. The online world is just like our world in the sense that it's never the same at any point in time. There are archives you can visit if you ever want to look at old snapshots- but even those are under almost constant audit and threat of being taken down. Everyone who is online knows everything comes with a TBD expiration date.

An increase in homogeneity in personal online spaces is observed by many people who have grown up inside them. The ways in which the internet was personal have taken a backseat to content streams. The justification given is always making things more mobile-friendly- which seems kind of random to me.

I wanted to build a place online that I could call a more permanent home for my personal projects. Profiles on social media feel more like a virtual cubicle where you can hang a few posters and that just isn't cutting it for me anymore.