There should be a picture of me here

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I assume most people looking at this already know me irl- but in case you don't, here's a little bit about me

I've always been a bit more on the expressive side. I was a theatre kid growing up, and I did plenty of journaling and video-ing as well. I suppose you could chalk that up to me being an attention whore, (and you'd be partially right) but I did a lot of that without showing anyone. I can only assume it's because I want to keep an archive of who I was for my future self. I mean, I have journal entries dating all the way back to the second grade!

Something else I've been called is an internet addict. I was glued to computer screens far before the advent of social media- and was bitten by the bug as soon as I was old enough to figure out how to lie about my age on forms. Recently, though, I've started to consider the way that my behavior has been affected by what I look at online. More specifically, I looked at the type of person that Instagram or TikTok's algorithm tends to prefer and wondered why I wanted that for myself.

It was when I ditched social media that I realized my desire to express was a bit more than skin deep. Building a website seemed like the only natural thing to do, because this was also when I began to have a nostalgia boner for all things having to do with the early internet. I remembered the decentralized, wild-west nature of the internet back in the day, and was saddened by how the web circa 2020 paled in comparison. You could say that I also put this thing together in search of a better alternative.