What have I been up to?


Congratulations! You successfully found my website! If you're reading this, you're probably wondering what I've been doing since I ditched social media (I mean, you must care a little, since you're here). Well, besides figuring out how to get this whole thing up and running, I've been doing what most people have been doing in the midst of covid-19. I mean, what can be said about this thing that hasn't already been said? You'll probably notice my hair's gotten a lot longer since the last thing I put on Instagram. This has been a long time coming- I plan on growing my hair past my shoulders and then we'll go from there.

What about Snapchat? Isn't that social media?

Yeah, Snapchat is social media. My justification for keeping it is that it's the only way I can stay in contact with certain people. I suppose I could text them over SMS (that's just regular old green-bubble text messaging for those unfamiliar with the term), but who in the fuck wants to use SMS when there's a better option available?

This is all super pretentious bro, what makes you think you need a whole website to yourself?

Trust me, I know that this comes across that way. I mostly made this for myself because I wanted a place to put my stuff but didn't really like what likes, comments and followers turned me into. I didn't go into this with the idea that it needed to be made because lots of people care what I'm up to. It's there for those who are curious but it doesn't really matter to me if tons of people are visiting the site or not.

How did you do all of this?

I might make a separate post sometime in the future about how my site works and all of that. It's a pretty simple setup. I have a VPS that I pay like $5 a month or so for, I remote into it and my site's just a collection of files that I can modify as I see fit. I use Luke Smith's rolling blog setup, which you can find here