What a beautiful day to consume some products


The 3rd was my 19th birthday, and I got a bit of money from relatives. I decided to use this money to finally take the plunge and get a high quality music player and pair of IEMs. It definitely felt like a reddit moment ordering so much stuff from Amazon. I had been wanting to make the switch from Spotify to having my own music library for a while now, though. When I was younger, I used my brother's old iPod touch and I really liked just having all of my stuff locally stored. The problem with these music players from China is that they're usually running some homemade firmware- and there's no guarantee that it'll be super responsive. So, a player can have excellent hardware but if selecting your music is a pain, forget about it.

This is the player I decided to get. It's called the Shanling m0 (catchy name, I know). It's basically just the one that all the neckbeards on the internet told me to buy. As much as I dislike the culture of Reddit and especially the "hobbyist" subs like /r/mechanicalkeyboards, they know which products are the best ones.

In other news, David's girlfriend, Helena is back in town (Hi Helena) to do Nutcracker. Since 1. this is going to be my last year here before I go off to college and 2. David and Helena are both doing it this year, I decided to do it too. I've been in lots of shows but never one completely centered around ballet. It's interesting acting out a narrative with no words.

Right now, I'm drinking this expensive ass coffee that I got from Safeway. I decided to splurge and get the 1lb bag of Stumptown that they had from Ethiopia. That little bag was $15, but holy shit is it worth that amount. Opening the bag, not only were all the beans intact, but all of them had silverskin. Once it was brewed, it was a much lighter color than I was expecting it to be. To make a long story short, it's a good cup of coffee. African coffees are usually very vibrant and fruity, which is what I like most.