The eternal work in progress that is my website (among other things)


Inside my brain, it feels like there's an adult me that wants to be productive and sees the value in sitting down and continuing to develop my skills, and then there's a child who just wants to eat Chef Boyardee ravioli and watch road rage compilations on YouTube. Seriously, I don't know what it is about those videos that has me hooked on them, but it's not an uncommon thing for me to pull up while I'm vegging out. There's something about people who are clearly in the wrong being really mad and then at one point realizing that they're wrong. Maybe that's not a good feeling to chase, it's a little alarming that I actively want to watch people argue with each other. Whatever, I guess you can pick anything apart like that if you try hard enough.

Recently, I've stopped drinking Yerba Mates and switched to Java Monster. I'm not sure how I feel about this new phase, but those things sure are delicious.

I switched Desktop Environments from KDE Plasma to XFCE on my desktop, because I realized that I might as well have the exact same setup on both of my machines. Plus, XFCE runs insanely nice on my desktop. As it often goes with me and Linux, some shit decided to randomly break and now my Steam games won't play. For those who don't know, Steam has a tool in the Linux version called Steam Play, which basically runs a Windows compatability layer over games that don't have native Linux versions. It can also be run on games that DO have a native version and in some cases, it runs better like that. I've gotten it to work on multiple installs before, including the one I'm on right now. It stopped working after I switched Desktop Environments so now I have to figure out what the hell is wrong with it. Once I do, though, I'll have another tool to add to the belt. That's the way I always look at it, anyway.