Life in the city


They have articulated buses!!

Coming from a town made up of two streets, I was initially very overwhelmed by all the tall buildings and loud unfamiliar noises. I'm starting to adapt, and I pretty much know my way around (down)town now. It helps that one of the things I did when I first arrived and had more time on my hands was walk up and down the streets near where I live to create an internal map of everything. I mostly did this because of how terrified I was of living in a place I didn't know front to back like I did my hometown.

The university workload is, as I expected, more than I've ever had to deal with in my life. That could be said about any point in my education, though. I still get very uncomfortable being around so many people- especially people who are dripped out 100% of the time like a lot of the kids are around here. I see dozens of people wearing 2-3 grand on a daily basis, and I wonder how all of these people acquired all of this excess wealth. I'm of the belief that price tag has nothing to do with the quality of an outfit, and that continues to ring true with some of these UO rich kids. I'm actually taking a course in Python now (which I am procrastinating doing work for as I am writing this) and it's all pretty exciting! I'm getting more of an opportunity to hone the little bit of Vim skill that I have, and I'm learning mountains of new concepts along the way.

I wonder if anyone from back home reads this thing. I went and visited not too long ago for my dad's birthday and found that I had little desire to walk around town (not that I really had too much time anyway; I was only able to get two days off of work). I know at least one person who's actually subscribed to the RSS feed, which makes my setting it up completely worth it. I hope you're doing well, man.

Finding my footing as an adult is everything movies and TV and my parents' many long-winded talks made it out to be. I've had a few mini-crises, and if I'm being honest, I'm still very unsure of what I want to do in the long term as a career. I have this lofty idea that I'll go out into the country somewhere and live in a little self-sustaining eco-village. There are a lot of reasons I want to go that route- the main one being that I want to be as income-independent as possible. If I have the ability to grow everything I need myself, I become less dependent on the US dollar, and the economy as a whole. Like I said, it's a very lofty idea with many huge holes in it. For one, I have absolute shit luck when it comes to growing plants. I need to figure out how to keep a house plant alive before I rely on my thumb, whether it be green or not.

What is this thing even for?

I'm not sure what things are blog-appropriate and what things aren't. I have no idea who reads this (likely nobody) and as of now, there's no way for any of the visitors to my site to comment or anything like that. Basically, I don't know who my audience is or if there is one at all. I feel weird sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings on here because my opinions change so often. What I wrote here last year or even last month likely doesn't reflect how I feel about something or someone. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I write/say things sometimes to myself more than anything else, just to see what the idea sounds like or looks like on paper. I mean, I'm sure everyone does that- but when that stuff is posted on a website that people can visit at any time, someone can read something I wrote in 2020 and interpret it as how I feel in 2021, and that's almost never the case. I suppose that's the problem with the internet being forever. I get so embarrassed when I read old journal entries or even some of my old entries on this site.