Leaving Home


Look out world, here comes Connor Brown

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about living on my own- it's hard to even wrap my head around what it'll be like. I went and visited where I'm moving with my friend, who's moving with me. Coming from a town that has a population of roughly 2000, and one main street, it's pretty jarring to see buildings that are taller than 3 or 4 stories. We hit one of those expensive street markets that people just take Instagram pictures at, and it made me realize how not used to large crowds I am. I guess that's what happens when you never leave the house.

I'm worried that my homesickness is gonna hit me all at once when I actually move. I also predict that it'll be brutal when it does. I mean, I hate to write a self-fulfilling prophecy- but I feel like that's just what's bound to happen when you move out of the only house you've ever lived in. I try not to stress myself about it too much; it's not like there's anything I can do about it anyway.

I am gonna miss my family, though. I feel so terrible about not spending as much time with them as I probably should- my grandparents in particular. It's not like I'm just screwing around, though. I'm pretty much always either studying or working. Well, spring term's over, so I don't have much of an excuse anymore.

Cell phones are such cumbersome little things. I don't really wanna be an insufferable hipster and rock a Nokia n900, and given the progress (or lack thereof) I've made on making mine usable as a daily driver, I don't think that'll be an option anyway. It might be a little more realistic for me to get a midrange or slightly older device with LineageOS support and just use that without the Google services. I also need something with a removable back, expandable storage and a headphone jack. See, these would have been basic no-brainer phone features 5 years ago, but it's almost impossible to find something like that nowadays. All I want to do is be able to look at my files, listen to my music, and replace my own damn battery. Jesus Christ.