Are You Attracted to My Cranium?


are you attracted to my cranium?

drawn into its electromagnetic field?

face to the metal

i can feel the heat, can’t you?

do i look expensive, lavish and out-of-your-league?

i assure you

beneath these yellow teeth creep out scores of bacteria

colonies forming concentric circles of filth on my tongue

but i can just keep my mouth closed, and nobody will be any the wiser

nobody will see the hair on the knuckles of my toes

nor the fingernails on my bathroom floor

so long as i keep my t-shirt tucked and my belt buckle shiny

i can convince myself if no one else

if i hide behind a screen of dusty old quotes, and memorized cliches, i can only hope to graze the supple fabric of nirvana

are you attracted to my cranium?

pulled in by its promises of whimsy and nonsensical delight?

i assure you beneath the surface lies only loneliness and chewed up fingernails

deconstructing every syllable

every phoneme that escapes my gaping, toothy chasm

as eyes graze ever looming lay across lackluster forum and internet wackos

my serotonin grows ever milky,

slipping down those all-too-familiar crevices in my grey matter

i direct my undivided attention to the scattered millions of faces upon pathways i can feel forced into my sternum

carving out another niche in time

until my attention fades away and my body moves to another room

licking intermittently through seconds and passing seconds

aztec babylon vortex

do my emerald eyes pull you closer to my unibrow? behind a slick dastardly carefully constructed glare, everything down to the tips of my shoelaces is coated with steaming hot self-loathing